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From Putnam to Pawcatuck and along the shoreline to Stamford and north to Salisbury and everywhere in between, Oatley Mechanical works with a variety of manufacturing facilities. Machining, molding and stamping operations to springs, fasteners, wire-forming, press and assembly operations --- our customers depend upon us to help keep their operations humming
24-7-365 minimizing the costs associated with expensive downtime and worker discomfort. Aerospace component manufacturers, specialty chemical/process industries, biopharma, printing/publishing/paper houses and food processing plants are among Oatley’s most esteemed clientele.

Health Care

Client satisfaction---whether it’s at a hospital, health care, surgi-center or medical offices within CT---demands the vigilant responsiveness of plant management and property management teams alike.  Oatley successfully works within some of most demanding management teams in environments where life safety, security and comfort are among the top priorities, addressing gas piping re-design and installation, plumbing emergencies, and providing routine mechanical systems and building controls services.


Oatley addresses the comfort and operational needs of a variety of privately-run and quasi-public schools and university facilities throughout the state from service to large Cleaver-Brooks and H.B. Smith boiler systems to duct work design, fabrication and installation for science and medical laboratories as well as construction project and building systems’ maintenance scheduling and implementation.

Professional Office Buildings

These tough economic times mean property owners and managers must maintain a healthy balance between tenant comfort and bottom line profits in order to attract and keep good tenants on site.  Oatley’s management and technical teams are sensitive to this inherent “tightrope walk” involved in daily property management operations and work to advocate for the property management representative in addressing and meeting the space comfort and fit-out needs of their tenants.


Oatley is consistently tapped to address the design, installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of mechanical/plumbing systems within a variety of government and municipal buildings throughout Connecticut.

At Oatley Mechanical Services, these are the values through which we achieve our objectives:


Teamwork is a fundamental value at Oatley.  The vision for our future is achieved only through the efforts of individuals working together as a team by sharing our knowledge and skills.  Our team focus enables us to create value for our customers in exceeding their expectations in meeting their demands for well-designed and maintained building system solutions through our well-orchestrated team of service professionals, engineers and project managers.



Each member of the Oatley team is accountable for the activities for which he or she is responsible. Whether it means the execution of a service program, the installation of a new or retrofit HVAC system, the design and installation of a building's mechanical, plumbing or control systems, the repair of component system chillers, cooling towers or critical temperature and humidity controls, Oatley sees its service and project work through to completion with the customer's complete satisfaction as the main objective.



Critical to Oatley's enviable customer retention and growth is the level of satisfaction customers report with the firm, its people, its products and the service delivery process. Strength in our internal communications in tandem with keeping our customers abreast of developments for keeping indoor air quality healthy and comfortable, including ways to help them maximize energy efficiency, helps Oatley maintain a strong market presence within an increasingly competitive marketplace.

If a real or potential crisis develops in the operation of your building's mechanical systems, Oatley gives you the heads up you deserve. Our customers know that they can depend upon us to keep them informed throughout the progress of a service program or project execution to eliminate the frustration of being caught off guard and hit with unexpected or unnecessary expenditures.


Integrity, Trust and Respect

Oatley team members subscribe to the highest possible standards of business ethics and personal integrity. Respect is the building block of healthy business and personal relationships. Oatley fosters an environment of inclusion and diversity and believes that every employee, customer, vendor and advisory team member with whom we work should be treated with respect. Since 1971, our team spirit and collaborative processes have furthered and solidified mutual trust among our peers and business associations.



Even when faced with the most difficult and challenging work, Oatley delivers results, meets its commitments and strives for flawless execution of its service programs, service work, and projects. We acknowledge the urgency with which our customers are pressed to achieve building systems' problem resolution or project completion while we focus on providing quality results with optimum efficiency.


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